Livery Transportation Services to Meet In-Camera with 40 selected Taxi Drivers.

Calgary’s Livery Transportation Services (LTS) has invited 40 taxi drivers to attend two in-camera meetings with 20 of the invitees at each of these meetings to be held at some secret location in the underground grottos of Calgary.

In a telephone interview with Jodi Hughes Issue Strategist with LTS, she said 40 cab drivers were selected on a first come first serve basis in response to RSVP invitations sent out to all licensed taxi drivers in Calgary.

There’ll be 20 drivers at each of two scheduled meetings in which drivers present are afforded an opportunity to voice their concerns.

The meetings are closed to the public and media is not invited.  Even cab drivers not on their list will not be welcome.  There will undoubtedly be bouncers present to enforce that rule.

LTS licensing practices with respect to TNCs (UBER) and taxi drivers will undoubtedly be at the top of the agenda.  Other issues will be discussed as well and you can be sure they will be many.

LTS will report its findings to Administration and place it on the City’s Standing Policy Committee’s agenda for its March 7th meeting.

Hopefully, beans will be removed from the listening ears of the bureaucrats and politicians by March 7.


Cab drivers are urged to make their presence felt at The Standing Policy Committee meeting March 7.

If you can’t be present at the meeting can view it live stream or later via video by going to ,   or click HERE.