My book “I Need a Taxis Permission To Go Out” is now available.

I have just released my e-book titled I NEED A TAXI’S PERMISSION TO GO OUT–an essay on the livery industry’s treatment of persons with disabilities is now available.

The book is in response to The City of Calgary’s Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services’ meeting of last March 7, 2018, where the issue of on-demand transportation needs of persons with disabilities was discussed at length.

No fewer than 25 persons including myself– each with five minutes to address the committee.  A few had a little more time because of speech impairments.  The result was a meeting that took up an entire day–and accomplished little to the frustration of stakeholders and the councilors themselves.

You can if you like, you can watch that debate by clicking here.  I’m the 10th speaker there.  I also spoke briefly on the aboriginal reconciliation issue.

For details on pricing and delivery dates click Here.

Here’s hoping that visitors to this site can find it in their hearts to purchase the book as it will help pay for the cost of this site and related research.

My next book titled “Taxis the Uber Transportation Survivor” should be ready for release around Christmas.            —-John Bliss