Livery Transport Services – City of Calgary Organizational Realignment

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This communication is to advise that The City of Calgary is making changes to its internal structure to build a stronger, more modern organization, and bring together similar functions to improve collaboration and streamline service delivery. There will be no impacts to customers as a result of the Organization Realignment, however livery participants will notice a new departmental name and title changes, summarized below.

Effective 2022 August 01 :

  • Livery Transport Services will be called Vehicle-for-Hire Public Safety and will operate under the Public Vehicle Standards unit of Emergency Management & Community Safety (formerly Calgary Community Standards)
  • Livery vehicle enforcement, licensing, and administration will be overseen by the Chief, Public Vehicle Standards (new position) and the Deputy Chief, Vehicle-for. Hire Public Safety (formerly Chief Livery Inspector).

, Livery industry training and analytics will be part of the Optimization Services unit of Emergency Management & Community Safety.

The organization realignment will not change any of the day-to-day services currently being provided by Livery Transport Services and has no impact on the Livery Transport Bylaw 20M2021, which remains in effect. Additionally, the office location and phone number remain the same.

As Livery Transport Services transitions to Vehicle-for-Hire Public Safety, all staff remain committed to delivering quality services to industry stakeholders, while offering citizens safe, reliable transportation options. Please reach out to with any questions regarding the realignment.


Abdul Rafih

Chief Livery Inspector

Calgary Community Standards

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 Today’s millennials who are young and prosperous are forced to spend half their working lives saving barely enoughif anything at all, for a reasonable down payment on their first home at a time when they are starting a familyan injustice of the first order.

There are two sources of the crisis, namely speculation and the way in which home purchases are financed.

Our present legislation fails to take into account that incomes vary throughout the life of the mortgage leaving occupants vulnerable to foreclosures and eviction.  There is only one way to deal with the problem:  payments must vary with income whether the banks or landlords like it or notto wit, a floating mortgage or rent where payments are pegged to a fixed percentage of a buyer’s income over the life of the mortgage.

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The cost of a dwelling whether rented or purchased must always be pegged by law to a fixed percentage of a dweller’s current income   irrespective of any positive or negative change in his income.  In a word, a floating payment plan for a person’s residence.  If a person’s income rises his payment would automatically rise with it or decrease should his income decline.

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