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April 07, 2022

Changing Out Winter Tires

Spring is here and now is a good time to think about switching out your winter tires. Winter tires are designed to perform best on ice and snow, not when the asphalt is hot from the sun. It’s not only unsafe, but it will also cost you money because the winter tires will degrade faster. Therefore, it’s imperative to change back to your normal tires at the right time.

It is recommended to switch out your winter tires when it is consistently above 7 degrees.


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To offer your two cents worth on the subject read The Livery Transportation Service bulletin below.

To make democracy work it’s critical that all citizens participate in all ongoing public debates.  Apathy means enslavement.

Livery Transport Services – Meter Rate Engagement 


Meter Rate Discussions

2022 March 21

The City of Calgary is looking for feedback on what improvements can be made to support taxi drivers and ensure safety, service quality and consumer protection for all livery participants.

Livery Transport Services is holding in-person meetings with taxi drivers (at the LTS office) to discuss a possible taxi meter rate increase. If you would like to attend a session, please send an email to and an appointment will be arranged.

A translated version is available in the following languages:

Amharic  Arabic   Hindi

Punjabi   Somali Urdu

Abdul Rafih

The Ottawa Standoff was Preventable


John Bliss
John Bliss

Before covid vaccinations became available, truckers, like soldiers in wartime, took the calculated risk of infection by transporting vital goods and food across the country and stateside.   Many truckers were casualties throughout 2020, and as such are our heroes.

As Justin Trudeau is undoubtedly aware, 90% of the truckers promptly got vaccinated as soon as possible.  He is also aware that the remaining 10% who for one reason or another, chose to continue working with the calculated risk of an already abating chance of infection and giving it to others.

All the foregoing leads to the next question: Given that the freight transportation system already in place was working rather well, why in blazes did the prime minister find it necessary to force truckers loaded with Canadian bound goods from the U.S. into two weeks of isolation and thereby reducing available trucks and cutting their meager incomes in half.

In other words, both U.S and Canadian governments chose to cut a trucker’s already meager income in half if he should dare carry a load across the border.

Forced isolation was the spark that ignited the truckers’ revolt and the Freedom Convoys crossing North America and elsewhere.  It is the product of a growing culture of elitism with society’s failing leadership of all political stripes.

For example, Ottawa’s cab drivers must cope with substantial broker’s fees and usurious insurance premiums notwithstanding the refusal of their brokers to allow their drivers to work.  The City of Ottawa — the same city locked down by the Freedom Bear Hug convoy, responded to their concerns with their usual big yawn and empathy as they listen to truckers honk their horns.

To end the Ottawa standoff, all the prime minister had to do was follow the example of the 14 year old King Richard ll who in June 1381 met with the peasants who were far more dangerous than today’s truckers, face to face and listen to them voice their concerns and proposals as that young King had done 600 years ago.  He even put in writing his acceptance of all the peasants’ proposals which are now in the British archives.

The establishment’s culture of elitism is the source of the current truckers’ uprising and that has got to change.

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