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Just what is Centralized Dispatch anyway?

The reality of taxi service is this: People want a cab to arrive in a timely fashion with a well-motivated and highly professional driver who will take them from point A to B in a timely fashion at a reasonable and affordable cost.

They don’t really care which taxi company picks them up as long as the cab arrives in a timely fashion with a well trained and professional driver who will take them from point A to B in reasonable time without incident.

Timely arrival of taxis has been a problem in many cities particularly where persons with  disabilities are concerned.

The solution of course is of course centralizing the dispatch system worldwide.  Can this be done?  And just what is centralized dispatch anyway?

Look at it this way:  There are roughly 7 to 800 million taxis operating in the world today.  With today’s technology, only one dispatcher is necessary for the entire lot irrespective of the prevailing language spoken where the driver operates.

The international dispatcher would have to be a robot as no human is equal to such a task.

Even the international robot would need other robots located around the world in a variety of jurisdictions—each with their own unique exigencies and laws.  And those robots are already in action—and we even have a name for them: Taxi Brokers or Cab companies near you.

The robotic international taxi broker would link up with all the local taxi brokers world wide and link all these brokers together as if they were a single company.

That means when you call a cab the international dispatcher will send you a taxi with a well-trained professional driver behind the wheel that is physically closest to you irrespective of the company that you called.

Persons with smart phones can now use just one app to connect with a local taxi anywhere in the world when you travel.  The wheelchair bound person will undoubtedly have wait times sharply reduced to acceptable levels and greatly improve their overall quality of life.

That is precisely the kind of service ProCabby is offering to the worldwide public.

ProCabby Ltd. Is an Ottawa based companies that is currently recruiting cab drivers and brokers right now. 

The company was founded only two years ago and has successfully recruited enough drivers in 37 cities here in the United States and Canada.  They are also lobbying local politicians to secure contracts and legislative changes where necessary.

Taxi drivers and brokers sign up now no matter where you live—even if ProCabby is not yet there or have the likes of Uber—a company that dispatches all of its trips with one robot to be found in San Francisco, swallow you up for good.

You can register with them by going to .  If you’re a taxi/Uber customer you can do so too.  And don’t worry if ProCabby is not available where you live.  It’s only a matter of time and your membership will function as a petition when ProCabby approaches taxi companies and government officials.


According to the CBC’s The Fifth Estate , there’s been a sharp increase in incidents involving Livery transportation, particularly crimes against female passengers and accidents since Uber first put in its appearance.  

Click here to watch the program titled “The Trouble With Uber”.  While its a Canadian production and centered on Canadian incidents the UK and USA are covered in about the same level of detail too.


 JOHNNY UTAH TWEETED:   It’s a shame @Uber doesn’t screen their drivers. This is who they hire. Thank goodness I’m a large male. I’m scared what would have happened if a female was in the care and he was threatening her. Please screen your drivers. And you charged me not moving one foot #StopWilliam  To view this incident click here .    

The driver apparently refused to open the door to let his passenger out in response to the driver’s less than satisfactory service.        



OTTAWA Dec 9, 2018: According to Huffington Post, an Ottawa Uber driver drove away with a three-year-old child before his mother could board the car. To read the full story click right here .

A misunderstanding they said–like hell it was. Gross incompetence for starters. Why was he not out of the car by simply opening the doors and checking each door before getting back in and getting underway.

Taxi training programs tell them to do exactly that. Get out of the car and open and close the god damned f*.*ing doors for the customer.

The preceding sentence is how a taxi supervisor would talk to such a cab driver making a similar blunder. SHEESH!



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